Hi everyone! I’ll be blogging about my procedures done with Dr. Arthur Tjandra.

What: Liposuction of outer thighs (4 areas) & fat grafting to breasts
Where: Dr. Arthur Tjandra of Elixir de Vie, Medan, Indonesia
When: 1st Session – End December 2015, 2nd Session – Q1 2016 (TBC, Edit: End Apr 2016)
Why: I’ve always had a pretty huge lower body & smaller upper body, meaning I never looked good in shorts & I’ve always been envious of girls with skinny legs! Plus due to having more fats on the bottom half of my body & less on my upper body, I had a small chest as well.
How: Undergoing liposuction to take out fats from the lower body & transfer them to my breasts over a few sessions.

So after doing a lot of research online, I found out about Dr. Arthur! I looked through many of the case studies & YouTube videos and was stunned at how amazing the transformations were. All of Dr. Arthur’s liposuction patients who had lower body (thighs/calves) liposuction done really had skinny legs after the procedure! I’m usually quite a skeptical person so originally I was in disbelief about such amazing transformations done & thought that the photos might have been photoshopped. It’s quite a common thing nowadays right? So many plastic surgery/cosmetic enhancement websites have amazing before & after photos but they look so different & drastic that you would doubt that it is real & not photoshopped.

But after looking at 50+ case studies on Dr. Arthur’s website, dozens of blogs & even YouTube videos, I realized that the results & effects were TRUE. How can someone edit videos right? I cross-referenced (yes, very OCD I know) blogs (photos taken by the patients themselves) & before & after photos on Elixir de Vie’s website of the same patient – the photos were indeed real! And everyone had such good things to say about Dr. Arthur, like how young, friendly & what a good doctor he was. Not only that, most of the blogs I read (by the way, I must have read more than 20 blogs because I really wanted to find out different points of view from different patients) mentioned that recovery went well & there was not much pain. Even if there was pain it was definitely bearable. How amazing is that? Good results + not much pain + affordable (much cheaper compared to having the procedure done in Singapore) = where else to find?! So one of my best friends & I decided to go together to have the procedure done so we could keep each other company. She did liposuction + fat grafting to breasts too but she only did liposuction on 1 area as she is much skinnier than me (lucky girl) & mainly wanted bigger breasts. For me, my main concern was liposuction due to my fat lower body, and the fat transfer is a bonus because what for waste the fats right? Which girl doesn’t want a slim lower body & bigger breasts? I think there is no girl who would say no to that! Plus I’ve always had a bulky lower body since I was young due to genetics, so having skinnier thighs was always my dream! Caution: really, really bad pre-operation pictures to follow!

image image image

I guess pictures tell all, no need to explain again how fat my thighs are. Haha! But I must show you all the magical transformation after my 1st lipo session. After I finished my 1st session I felt like I couldn’t even wait 3 months to have the 2nd one done because the results were so amazing!

So before our surgeries were scheduled, we had to first send Dr. Arthur some photos of our problem areas for him to assess our suitability for surgery as well as to estimate the costs involved – I sent him the photos shown above & he mentioned also that I had big thighs… Which is brutally honest to hear even though I knew it was true lol. That’s why must go for surgery what! We also had to take a blood test with their recommended clinic (Quest Lab @ Paragon) to see if we were healthy enough to have the surgery done – the results will be sent directly to Jennifer. For us, we went to take our blood test on Saturday afternoon & by Sunday morning the blood test results were already sent to Jennifer. Super efficient! The entire blood test itself costs around SGD 100, but if you had a recent blood test/health check-up done, you can send Jennifer a copy of your test results & she will let you know what are the remaining tests you would have to take so that you would not have to take those tests again. For me, I had a full-body health check-up done just a month before I did the blood test at Quest Lab, so I only needed to have 1 component of my blood checked (only ~SGD 20). Furthermore, since you have already done your blood test for your 1st surgery session (assuming you are going for more), for your 2nd surgery you would not have to do another blood test (provided the gap between both surgeries is not that long I would presume?). So this would be somewhat like a once-off cost. (:

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